Jane Burnside

My interests are dreams and the unconscious. My work is influenced by Yoga, meditation and poetry from the Tang Dynasty, the period of the arrival of Buddhism in China. These influences converge as process in both my paintings and monotypes. The process of monotype embraces surprise and “imperfection,” thus reflecting the reality of human nature in the world. It is a discipline of letting go and the delight this brings.
My abstract paintings celebrate color, form and line. I love trees as subject, especially the persimmon tree. For me the persimmon tree symbolizes simplicity, beauty and abundance, what one discovers in both the unconscious and in the natural world. I am currently working on a collection of poem/paintings. My original poems echo classical Chinese poetry which embraces both reflection and love of the natural world. Each monotype is a unique painting. I create the painting on a plastic plate and then transfer the image to paper by hand or on an etching press. Unlike an etching, however, only one original image can be made. Sometimes I continue working the painting on the paper with other media including ink and oil pastel.
I often sign the work with my seal carved by Jun Pei Cui. My artist’s seal reproduces the imprint of the woody top of a Hachiya persimmon from my yard.