Kathleen S. Farros

Kathleen S. Farros works in ceramic sculpture, bronze, and assemblage, with attention to the painted surfaces.  She combines social concepts, fertility, and Mother Nature in a narrative approach. Fertility and nature originate from growing up in the San Joaquin Valley surrounded by agriculture, farming, and open spaces. Her subject matter often contains flora and fauna, utilizing juxtapositions of the plant and animal worlds. Dreams, mythology, and everyday situations inspire Kathleen in a Surrealistic manner. Often, one sees the play on words, utilized in Pop and Funk Art depicting the subject matter. Mother Earth and her goddess series represent the strength and importance of females. Fish symbolically represent the journey she has been on and continues to navigate through the ups and downs of Life. Life is full of challenges, but Kathleen finds the uplifting moments.
Kathleen has been fortunate to have had early and continued support and encouragement in the arts from her family, teachers, and mentors. Creativity was fostered from the very beginning. From her grandmother and parents to her husband, siblings, daughter, and son-in-law-respect for the arts was and is significant. Robert Arneson, David Gilhooly, and Peter Vandenberge were and continue to be influences in Kathleen life in the sculptural scene. She was fortunate to follow the Funk Artists of the 60's .Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Shapiro, and Jerry Hoepfner influenced her painting in color technique and convention. Surrealist artists, Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, inspire Kathleen, along with the inspirational painting techniques of the Dutch Masters.
Kathleen S. Farros received a B.A. in Fine Art from UC Davis and a M.A. in Art from CSU, Sacramento.
After college, she worked with David Gilhooly and additional artists in a studio situation, which was an enriching and artistically-expanding time. David Gilhooly was a mentor. One Second Saturday in Sacramento, she signed up with Alan Osborne and the Art Foundry to experience bronze casting. Learning the lost wax process and creating in bronze proved to be a worthy medium to portray her ideas. Years of teaching, allowed her to perfect techniques in painting, sculpting, and printmaking. Currently, Kathleen shares a studio at The Studios (1727 I St.) in mid-town Sacramento. Her art can be viewed every Second and Third Saturday or by appointment.
Art is a vehicle to express emotions-personally and societally. When one views the art-the hope is to gain energy for one's self and insight into the human condition, sometimes soulful and sometimes humorous.
Exhibitions in group and featured art shows have occurred at the following galleries:
The Studios-Sacramento, CA
Altares del Mundo (Dia de los Muertas)-Sacramento, CA
Brick House Gallery-Sacramento, CA
Art Foundry Gallery-Sacramento, CA
Center of Contemporary Arts Gallery-Del Paso, CA
Funderware Show
Barbie show
Holiday Show
Vacaville Art League Show-Vacaville, CA
Sherry Frumpkin Gallery-Santa Monica, CA
Turtle Bay Museum-Redding, CA
Lodi Art Annual-Acampo Wine Cellar-Acampo, CA
Lodi Art Annual-Thornton House-Lodi, CA
Candy Store-Folsom, CA
CSU, Sacramento-Sacramento, CA
The University Library Gallery
The University Union Gallery
The Robert Else Gallery
The Basement Gallery-UC Davis-Davis, CA

Clay and mixed media.
Clay and mixed media.
Bok choi is growing through the over stuffed chair. Juxtapostion of two objects, not generally seen together in this situation.