Pam Avery

In the Artists Studios I exhibit Abstract Painting, Ceramics, and Sculpture that are for sale. I enjoy painting in the abstract style using acrylic paint. I have been included in four exhibitions at the California State Fair. I have won awards and shown locally such as Bold Expressions Exhibit, Magnum Opus, and Placer Artists League. I enjoy plein air painting being outdoors depicting the water, land and sky. I have a passion for Middle Eastern dance and music, and this influences my painting a great deal through rhythm, space and movement. I also throw functional pottery on the potter's wheel in the garage at home and in the studio of Linnell Barnhart. I love the varied glaze colors achieved with each firing. It is always a surprise and a delight to see the work come out of the kiln.
I taught high school Art in Twin Rivers USD for 21 years. I have a single subject credential in art and a Masters in Art Education from Sacramento State University.

Changing Faces,36 X 48 abstract acrylic painting with suggested front and side view of two different faces.
Pink Dusk, 36 X 48 abstract acrylic painting, inspired from an evening walk during sunset with glorious pinks and violets
Sea Breeze, 36 X 36 not available, abstract acrylic painting inspired by Stinson Beach ocean breeze
Path Less Traveled, 24 X 30 abstract acrylic painting, inspired from a story of two pilgrim travelers on spiritual journey across Spain
Stepping Out, 30 X 40 abstract acrylic painting with turquoise, violet and orange colors. A suggested small figure with leg outstretched references the title.
Cat and Bird Buddies, a ceramic hand built sculpture
Trail Blaze, Sold 24 X 24
Flight, 24 X 30 a suggested abstract bird flying across a summer sky giving a sense of freedom in open space.
Fast Forward, 24 X 24 is an abstract, acrylic painting that encompasses compositional elements of color, shapes, textures and lines.
Two Hearts Are Better Than One, 40 X 30 Abstract, acrylic painting with predominant colors of yellow, blue and pink
Presence, acrylic on canvas
Cloud Immersion, Sold at KVIE 2018, 36 X 24 Abstract acrylic painting
Gypsy Fish, Sold, 5 X 24 Ceramic
Red Figure In The Studio, Acrylic on canvas, 30 X 40
Ship Ahoy, Inspired by the Queen Mary ship with ghosts who still hang around
Tribal Dance, Sold, 36 X 48 Frederick Lohse Apartments, Roseville
Sky Trails, 28 X 33 Influenced by clouds, rainfall, and gorgeous colors in sky
Reclining Figure, Sold, 12 X 12 Crocker Art Big Names Small Art
Pink Figure In The City, $500. Abstract acrylic painting with suggested figures
Nature Walk, sold Crocker Big Names Small Art
Blue Oasis, Sold, Lohse Apartments, Roseville
Moroccan Man, $475. Inspired by Middle Eastern music and dance, A male dancer
Sensations, $500.00
Letter In A Bottle, Pointing To The Sea, $500. Inspired by Stinson Beach, the sound of waves, and the magic of finding a letter in a bottle
Coyote In The Wild, $475. Acrylic on paper
Water Music, $475.00
Mystery Man, Sold, Sacramento Fine Arts
Hot Orange Glow, Sold, Lohse Apartments
Horse and Rider, $400. Blue, yellow and pink are predominant colors.
Breaking Free, Not Available. Open and closed space, layered textures, bold color of yellow, grey and blue
Face In The Clouds, $500. Acrylic abstract painting with contrast of smooth and rough textures created by layering, scraping, and marking the painting.
Cloud Arabesque, Not available, Abstract acrylic painting with grey and earth tones.
Cloud Immersion 2, Not available, Abstract acrylic painting with yellow, pink, and green
Ceramic yellow bowl
Ceramic Red container with lid, Sold
Ceramic jar with lid
Blue Serenade, Sold Abstract acrylic painting with blue, yellow, grey and burgundy.
Ceramic mug with handle
Yellow and Gray, $600. began with the combination of two colors influenced by a room decorated in yellow and gray and the colors were so soft and yet really illuminating. The painting evokes a feeling of a parade with flags waving in the wind.
Crossroads, Sold, Lohse Apartments, Acrylic abstract painting.
Tranquility In Yellow, Not available, Abstract acrylic painting with yellow, pink, and green
Sold Covered container
Gypsy Eyes, $500.
Majestic Red, Not available