Terry Chunn

When I meet people for the first time and at some point during the conversation I let them know I'm an artist, they ask me, "What kind of pictures do you paint?" I tell them, "Well I'll tell you what kind of pictures I don't paint, landscapes, seascapes, bowls of fruit or baskets of kittens". Then I pause and tell them, "Wait, I might paint a basket of kittens...on fire".
My paintings blend an association of abstract shapes and forms with mixed media that might include sand, cloth, seaweed, pointy metal studs, pasta shells, chop sticks and many other unusual objects that contribute to the composition of each piece. Every art piece I create comes from my imagination which allows me to take those unlimited risks and chances. I use vibrant colors in most of my paintings. I enjoy applying colors that give each painting that special "Pop!"
I'm always doing something different, something new. My motto is NO SAFE ART. This means to create art that takes the artist on that inspirational journey out of the box. Mine is an art form that doesn't restrict itself to the confines of traditional representational art.